Nude (or Naked?) Portraits

It takes a lot of guts to stand naked in front of a camera, to let it record, to let it see – you.

Stripping people of their clothes, removes that outer protective layer. They sit before the camera as if saying, ‘This is me, this is what I look like and I’m proud of it. I don’t care if I don’t fit the conventional idea of what is considered ideal. This is me and I am beautiful. I am human.’

The portraits in these folios are not to everyone’s’ taste. If you are looking for something a little softer, more sensual try Boudoir Photography

The Photographs – Portfolios

Nude Portraits

Nude or Naked Portraits. Folio One Folio Two

Twenty Nudes

Twenty Nudes is a series of unconventional nude portraits of women that reflect their personality and lifestyle. An alternative to boudoir the photographs show real women as they want to be seen.
Confident, defiant, sometimes naughty, with desires, fetishes.

Personal Space

Personal Space is a collection of nude portraits of women at home in their environment. They are surrounded by treasured possessions and sometimes the detritus of real life. Stripping away clothing means the viewer only has the surroundings from which to glean information about the subject

Thinking About It

Creative nude with hat
Black & white nude with hat. Art print from digital original

A series of articles that explore the thinking behind some of my portraits

Naked or Nude? What’s the difference?

But is it fine art? Read the article

The Nude in Photography Read more

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Art Prints

Creative Nude Photography is a fully illustrated PDF book that shows you how to go beyond the norms of conventional glamour. The book contains sections on the concept, but is it art plus practical advice on finding models, camera techniques and examples of projects to shoot