I am a freelance photographer, qualified photography tutor and writer. My work has been seen on  hundreds of book covers, in magazines as diverse as Penthouse and Country Life and continues to sell as stock photography  I have also been runner up in the Sunday Telegraph Photographer of the Year competition, winner of the Photography magazine cover girl competition (that’s my photograph – not me personally) and featured in many photo anthologies. My photographs are available as limited edition and art prints.

Just some of my Published Work

I think I’ve been doing this for too long – in the 1980s everyone looked like a 118 ad!

This site features lots of Articles on How to Photograph Nudes and How to Think About It

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I studied photography at the West Surrey College of Art and Design and have worked in the photographic industry for nearly 40 years. My career began as holiday camp photographer. Despite being the bottom of the ladder this was a great introduction to photographing people. It also taught me how to take in focus pictures in the gloom of a club (there was no autofocus in those days) when not totally sober .

I must have liked the dark as my next job was as colour printer in the days when making prints involved darkrooms and smelly, noxious, chemicals. Eventually I was allowed out into the light and trained in wedding and portrait photography. A lot of my first clients were dogs (I don’t mean ugly, although some were, I mean four legged pets with a tendency to bark and pee up the background).

Having served my apprenticeship I ran several portrait and commercial studios in the UK before starting my own business, Viewfinders Photography in the eighties. I photographed everything from motor cycle parts for catalogues, to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Specialising in portrait photography I was one of the first photographers in the UK to specialise in Boudoir Photography. I now concentrate on editorial, portrait and fine art photography and am a qualified photography tutor and am based in Norfolk in the UK.

Writer and Photographer displays some of my non nude work and Viewfinders contains portfolios and catalogues

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Creative Nude Photography shows you how to go beyond the norms of conventional glamour. The book contains sections on the concept, but is it art plus practical advice on finding models and camera techniques. The final section shows examples of creative nude projects

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creative nude with dummies
What is real and what is fake? Are models just seen as shop dummies? Black and white nude from film original