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Scrap Yard Nudes

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A folio of colour and black and white glamour nudes from the three years of the Scrap Yard Nudes calendar.

The Scrap Yard Nudes calendar was conceived by the sales director of a metal recycling group.

The company wanted to produce a glamour calendar that was more interesting than the average cheesecake versions available off the shelf.

Commissioning original photography would allow the company’s products, several thousand tons of recycled metal, to feature in the pictures alongside local, East Anglian, nude models. Read more on creating the calendar

The original concept was to produce ‘fine art’ style, black and white images. Some directors of the company felt that their target audience would probably favour a little more glamorous theme and that maybe ‘art nudes would be a little too revealing.

The target market proved more discerning that the company expected and subsequent editions were solely black and white with more creative nude images.

Black and White

We had a lot of fun shooting this calendar and the models were all relaxed and enjoyed the shoots. You can see this in The Out Takes

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