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Fine art nude boudoir can be anonymous figure images or challenging portraits in black and white or colour. The foundation for the creation of your pictures is the initial consultation. Tell me what you like, what you don’t and how you want to look. Pick some images from my sites or from magazines that are in a style that you like. We won’t slavishly copy these but can use them to inspire the creation of pictures that you will love.

Many of my fine art boudoir images are nude but that does not mean they have to be blatant, or even nude. Clients have said their friends look at their picture and say, ‘what a lovely picture.’ Then they look closer.  ‘Is that you?’

Check out my Art Nude Portfolio (opens in new tab) for more inspiration.

Fine art nude alternative to boudoir
Modern black and white fine art images

All my photographs are now created in my clients homes or on location; even the ones that appear to be in a studio. Boudoir doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Creative pictures can emerge from the kitchen, living room, even the garden shed. 

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Fine art nude boudoir Vintage style
Step back into the vintage world of sepia

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The photographs on these pages have been shot specially to illustrate the themes. Clients work is never shown to the public.

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