Boudoir Photography FAQ


Boudoir photography can be soft and subtle or edgy and ground breaking. Your photographs can be as soft and romantic or as explicit and challenging as you choose.


The photographs we create are yours. They will never appear on my website. After one year, or before if you request, they will be deleted from my database (I will remind you to make at least two backup copies as this means I have no record of your pictures after that).

What Will It Cost and What Do I Get?

Full details – Photography Rates

Do You Shoot Video?

Yes. Unedited video cost £10 per minute. Edited video £25/minute


If you are not completely happy with the images you receive contact me. We will try again free of charge. If you or I have had to travel long distance to your shoot you will be asked to review the images after the shoot and confirm that they are what you wanted. In this case the reshoot guarantee does not apply.