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I am an experienced professional photographer, qualified photography tutor and writer. . . Read More . Looking Through Glass is an eclectic collection of my art nude photography and portraits. The images are both open (that means sometimes revealing) and challenging. The intention is to confront the viewer with a nonstandard view of sexuality. 

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Creative Art Nude Photography

So what is creative art nude Photography? You’ll find lots of definitions in books, magazines and on websites. Everyone’s got an opinion. So have you – so go with what you think. Listen to honest and intelligent criticism and disregard the naysayers.

Ideas to get you started. Thinking About Creative Nudes

Thomas Alva Edison is credited with coining the expression genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. This applies to creative nude photography. The following articles give you some idea of the work involved. How to Photograph Nudes

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A friend of mine dislikes nudes in a landscape, mainly because the local photo club churns them out for no discernible reason. I dislike models in underwear in a landscape. Why would she (and it usually is a she) be in a wood in her best frillys? You might ask why she would be wandering around naked ? I would counter that with, my aim is to show the beauty of the human form (as defined in Nude Art or Erotic Art) and contrast this with the landscape.

I belive is important is to think about why you are taking a picture. The articles below examine or explain some of the thinking behind my pictures. But Is It Fine Art Nude Photography includes some more definitions of glamour, fine art, figure photography.
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Creative art nude photography. Black and white nude with camera
Black & white nude with camera.

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