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Portrait photographer Simon Pocklington is based in East Anglia

Your Portrait

Commissioning portrait photography, having your picture taken, is probably one of the most intangible purchases you will ever make. When buying a product, whether it is a car or a painting, it is something you can see, touch, try out. Your photograph is different – it doesn’t exist until a creative process starts.

Most of the things we buy require no creative input from us. Ok we can choose the colour, the make, the size but these are from the choices the manufacturer offers, it’s easy. Creating a unique portrait photograph is easy as well but it does take a little work – oh and a good photographer.

Explore my Boudoir including Fine Art and Fetish portraits.

Will It Look Good?

The main concern of most of my clients is ‘will it look good?’ This actually means, perfectly naturally, ‘will I look good?’ The short answer is yes. Why? Because we don’t stop until you are happy with the result.

Most people dislike some aspect of their body; their bum’s too big, their ears stick out. A good photographer can hide these with clever posing and lighting without resorting to extensive retouching. Every commission starts with a discussion which covers everything from whether you prefer black and white or colour, your likes and dislikes and where (or if) you will display the pictures.

What style do I want?

A portrait is an image of someone that shows them as they are or as they want to be seen. It can be anything from a fantasy image to an uncompromising statement of ‘this is what I look like’. Anything from a headshot to the complete body. A good artist, and that includes photographers, can see what the person inside looks like. In a commissioned portrait this is married with the sitters image of themselves. In short you choose how you want to look.

Will it cost a fortune?

No. I structured my services so that with a reasonable budget you can achieve a quality result. If it hangs on your wall for the next ten years the cost per year is a lot less than one trip to the supermarket.  There is a fee for the photography and that is all you need to pay. You will receive a set of digital pictures that you can view on your computer, print or use to create a photobook. There is no pressure to buy anything further.

If want me to produce the finished artwork then a wide range of prints, retouching and books are available in a variety of finishes and at costs that range from the very reasonable to the downright astronomical. More details

I try to make the whole process as painless as possible; in fact I hope it will be fun. I am passionate about producing different, creative, images and get great satisfaction when you hang them on your wall and your friends say ‘Wow – nice picture’ .

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Explore Boudoir including Fine Art and Fetish portraits.

Artistic Black & White

Strange erotic nude photograph of woman with hat
Homage to Magritte

Black and white portraits don’t have to be portraits. I love producing fine art images which can range from sensual nudes to ‘in yer face’ engaging portraits. If you have an image you want to create or just want to try something different then contact me. Private commissions are  always confidential and never displayed.

I also undertake commissions using models if you want a special image for your wall.

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The photographs on these pages have been shot specially to illustrate the themes. Clients work is never shown to the public.

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