Erotic and fetish book cover photography

Fetish Book Cover Photographs

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I have been shooting photographs for use on erotic and fetish fiction books since before the major retailers banned the use of naked bottoms on covers.

Now you can show your bum cheeks on the beach but not on the Amazon. Now many of these delightful derrieres would need to be hidden by a pair of knickers that would not make you granny blush. Read more in Shooting Erotic Book Covers.

Many of these erotic and fetish book covers were produced for Silvermoon and Chimera books. Within their pages young ladies and damsels in distress were subjected to a variety of spankings, whippings and floggings, all of which they enjoyed.

Fetish and erotic book cover photos

Silver moon book covers
Chimera book covers

The characters in these books still enjoy a good spanking, a bit of bondage or another fetish but their pictures on the cover are a bit more, well, covered thanks to a bit of Photoshop magic.

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