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A Little Bit Kinky – Fetish Photography

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With the expansion of the internet and the democratization of the image creating process thanks to digital photography nothing is left to the imagination in a lot of fetish photography.

Back in the 1990s and early noughties, I used to shoot a lot of photographs for erotic book covers. The main fetish theme was spanking by both male and female dominants.

The written content of the books was quite hardcore but the written word, in the hands of a good author, still leaves the creation of the final image to the reader’s imagination.

Sexy fetish girl laid out on a saddle stand

Most photography has two objectives. The first is to record and/or inform. It can show us a beautiful landscape, what is happening in a war zone, how happy are family were on that day. Pornography falls into this category; it is there to simply record the participants’ actions.

Secondly, photography can stimulate the imagination. It can make us wonder what is happening or what is about to happen? It can inspire the viewer to create their own internal stories around the image.

Most of the fetish images I created for the covers were fairly tame as the books appeared in major high street retailers, albeit on the top shelf but they suggested the naughtiness that lay between the pages.

Not all of these fetish photographs would not have made it onto book covers, even in the past but still all is not revealed. One of the above is my best seller to date.

Some viewers may look at these photographs and see them as nothing but titillation. To some extent this is true. Where they were taken for use on a book cover the idea is for them to look sexy, to grab the viewer’s attention whether male or female (A lot of women as well as men read and write very sexy books). But the main aim, even without the constraints placed on the content of the images by the distributors, is to stimulate the imagination.

Even bottoms are out, or rather not out. The big online retailers are very prudish about what can and cannot be shown on a cover. See more of my original covers and how they have been edited to be suitable for current trends in Fetish Book Cover Photographs.

Some of the big social media sites ban anything remotely sexy (whilst letting violence and self harm posts slip through in the name of free speech). Read No Nudes Please – The beauty of the erotic in a Facebook world.

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