Twenty Nudes Number 20 –

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20. Naked womens’ portraits (or is it nude?). Still Counting

I have to admit that I could not decide on number twenty so here is just a small selection of the rest

Over the years hundreds of women have come into my studio. Sometimes nervously, sometimes excitedly, they have stripped off their clothes. Most have revealed their bodies to the camera; some their souls. These images celebrate just some of these wonderful women

naked women portraits in black and white

Occasionally I was let out into the daylight to photography women in their homes: see Personal Space. Sometimes we produced glamourous images, sometimes we celebrated the little imperfections that make each of us unique. Sometimes we did both

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Capture me
Capture my beauty
and maybe a little sadness

It takes guts to stand
in front of the camera.
to let it record
let it see

As you grow old
and die
Your image encased in silver
will journey
from what is
to what was

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