Twenty nude photo portraits of women

Twenty Nude Portraits Number 1

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1. Angela

Alternative Boudoir.

The idea behind this series was to produce twenty nude portraits of women that reflected their personality and lifestyle. Many of the images are drawn from my archives and been re-edited and grouped into a set that represents different aspects of the subject.

Personal space nude at home
Black and white personal space nude
Black and white nude portrait
Nude with cat

Angela is a young mum who used to work for me as a model. These portraits were taken as part of my Personal Space series in between shoots for book covers and magazines.

When working with Angela I learnt it was sometimes better to go with the appearance of cats, cuddly toys and toddlers rather than try to exclude them.

Portrait of young woman with tattoo

See some of the book covers Angela appeared on

If you would like to commission your own portrait whether in your personal space or as a fine art original please contact me for details.  Portrait shoots start at £490 and include an archival quality signed print or digital originals. Commissioned shoots are always completely confidential and never published.

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