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Twenty Nudes Number 8

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8. Tanya – fine art nude model

Twenty nude portraits of women that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Many of the images have been pulled from my archives and have been re-edited. When I did several shoots with the subject they have been grouped into a set . This week Tanya’s portraits and fine art nude photos

Black and white nude portrait photograph
Fine art nude photograph Outdoor nude
Priestess of the god Pan. Black & white nude in woodland. Art print from digital original

Tanya worked for me many times over the years and appeared in lots of my fine art nude photos. She was a lively and inventive model who thought nothing of walking around scrap yards naked for calendar shoots. Check out Scrapyard Girls. She was completely unfazed by dog walkers appearing on figure shoots in the woods. Always skimpily dressed she would roar up in her sports car, or occasionally in full leathers on a motorbike, causing elderly gentlemen in the close where I lived to rush for their binoculars.

Tanya appears in these posts

Personal space fine art nude portrait
From my Personal Space Collection

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