Twenty Nudes Number 12

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Black and white nude woman

12. Fiona

Twenty nude portraits of women that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Many of the images have been pulled from my archives and have been re-edited. When I did several shoots with the subject they have been grouped into a set . A new post featuring a different sitter will appear each week

Fiona was a disabled nude model had been turned down by several other photographs because of her disability.

Disabled Nude Model

I’m not going to tell you what he disability is – it’s unimportant. She looks great in black and white – and pretty good in colour to.

disabled nude model

She worked hard during her shoots and later featured in the Scrapyard Girls Calendar and on several Book Covers

Scrap Yard Girls and Book Covers galleries (Opens in a new window)

Black and white nude woman photograph

See more of her in One Model One Light

dramatic lighting artistic nude photograph

Art Nudes & Erotica Folios

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Colour artistic nude portrait photograph of disabled nude model

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