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Nude (or Naked?) Portraits Folio One

Nude Portraits, Portfolios

It takes a lot of guts to stand naked in front of a camera, to let it record, to let it see – you. To produce nude or naked portraits. Some of these images have remained, fixed in tiny silver grains, for nearly thirty years. Then converted into electronic code they continue; their owners growing older, changing, dying, whilst they remain.
Others were created quite recently and are just beginning their journey to become a record of what was rather than what is.

Capture me
but capture my beauty
my happiness
and maybe a little sadness

There is a lot written in the media about body image; from those exposing the secret of how to get a perfect figure to bloggers celebrating selfies of mature women in bikinis.

Some of these women maybe do not conform to society’s norm of the idea body image but they are beautiful, sexy and confident.

But are they nude or naked?

The art historian *Kenneth Clark defines a naked human body as exposed and vulnerable as opposed to nude which carries no uncomfortable overtone.

*Kenneth Clarke The Nude: A Study of Ideal Art Penguin Books, Limited, 1985

It is up to you, the viewer to decide.

This series continues on Nude Portraits Vol 2

Personal Space – Nudes surrounded by the detritus of real life. Stripping the subject of clothes means the viewer has only the surroundings to judge personality and character from; but are they real?

Twenty Nudes – A series of female nudes in different styles.

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Nude woman with an owl from the nude or naked portraits of women series
Yes it is real

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