Boudoir Photography

Norfolk Boudoir Photographer

Originally based in Hampshire I have been shooting boudoir photography almost since it started in the UK sometime in the 1980s.

I have photographed women in their 70s (I’m too polite to ask their exact age), wheelchair users and people who mainstream media don’t see as glamorous.

If you are looking for something different from the heavily retouched movie star illusion produced by many studios – looking for something that expresses you as a person, expresses your sexuality and is produced exclusively for you but carries the artists stamp of individuality look at the pages below.

Boudoir Portraits

Fine Art Boudoir

Fetish Boudoir

That doesn’t mean you won’t look good in my images. My first shoots were when Photoshop was a place you bought cameras. Lighting and posing were the keys to producing a good image. Yes, I do use digital editing. It is a great tool to remove that awkward spot that appeared on the day of the shoot and enhance a photo as a printer would have done in a darkroom.

All my work is now produced in the client’s home or on location. This means you can incorporate you surroundings or possessions into the shoot and you are more relaxed.

How much does it cost?

I have a simple principle as to the costs of the shoot. You pay a fair price for the photography and I supply you with high quality digital files. You can hide these on your computer, use them to buy cheap prints or make your own photo book – what ever you choose.

Session Prices

Alternatively I can supply top quality artist signed prints and photo books  discount prices but there is no pressure to buy expensive packages.

From the initial consultation to the shoot and delivery of the finished photographs is about what you want and what you are happy with.

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Is your partner a keen photographer?

I can offer free tuition during a shoot.

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The photographs on these pages have been shot specially to illustrate the themes. Clients work is never shown to the public.