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But is it art?

My fine art work is eclectic collection of creative female nudes that are both open and challenging. The intention is to confront the viewer with a nonstandard view of sexuality. 

Creative Female Nudes

The Concept

But is it Art?

Nude or Naked Portraits?

For Photographers – How to capture artistic nudes 

How to photograph female nudes with originality and artistic content.

Photographers spend their lives looking through glass at life. In the modern world you will see hoards of people looking at life on the glass of their mobile phones. Read free articles

Lighting – Daylight or Artificial?

What Camera do I Need?

Glamour Nudes – Hints & Tips

For Collectors – Galleries & Prints

Collections of free to view galleries of themed female nudes with links to print and book sales.

These pictures are more than just a record of life; they are created with the help of many talented models and many of the ideas come from a collaboration between photographer and model rather than an imposition of a style on them. The models are part of the creative process and not merely a blank canvas on which to project my viewpoint. The resulting images reflect the way they would like to be seen rather than one that meets a formulaic standard of beauty. See galleries.

Commission Your Own Fine Art Nude or Boudoir Shoot

I have been shooting boudoir photography almost since it started in the UK sometime in the 1980s. I have photographed women in their 70s (I’m too polite to ask their exact age), wheelchair users and people who mainstream media don’t see as glamorous.

There are now plenty of studios producing modern glamour style boudoir photography; often posed in studio sets, heavily retouched and designed to create a movie star illusion.

If you are looking for something different – something that expresses you as a person, expresses you sexuality and is produced exclusively for you but carries the artists stamp of individuality Read more

About Simon Pocklington

For the last 30 years I have worked as a freelance photographer and my work has been seen on over a hundred book covers, in numerous magazines and continues to sell as stock photography  via Alamy  and Arcangel. Read more

Disclaimer, Copyright & Legal Stuff

Please, if you are offended by nudity or viewing this site in an office environment I suggest you look elsewhere. There is nothing on this site that you would not find in the Art and Photography section of your local bookshop so I hope you enjoy my work or at least have some reaction to it

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