Number 19 Vintage 1980 Nudes

Twenty Nudes

19. Mary.

vintage 1980 nudes

Vintage 1980 nudes when hair was big and everything was a little soft focus

Even the cameras were big. The header image was taken on a Mamiya RB 67, try picking one of those up and shoving it in your pocket. (Want to know a bit more about the RB67?) Even 35mm cameras were a fairly chunky piece of kit and all there was to capture the image was film. (If you wanted to make a phone call you had to find a big red box and have some change handy)

vintage 1980 nude portrait

Mary worked in a local factory and cane to my studio as an amateur model at her husbands suggestion.

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vintage 1980 outdoor nude

It is interesting to see that digital cameras have only just caught up with the resolution of 35mm cameras and, unless you spend somewhere between £3,000 to £30,000 you stand no chance of getting anywhere near the resolution of the Mamiya. Read more in What Camera Do I Need When Shooting Creative Nudes

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