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I offer nude art prints in four formats; Limited Edition, the most expensive; Premium Art, for collectors on a budget; Premium Photo, slightly less heavy weight paper; Standard photo prints, still high quality but produced by commercial labs. See below for full specifications.

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Nudes feature in many supposedly limited edition prints. But what is a limited edition? Is that the print, or just in that size?

I have a simple formula, I produce 20 copies of a finished work plus a couple of printing proofs and that is it. When that edition is sold out I don’t start again with a new edition in a different size. The first prints of the edition I sell for a modest amount, the second a bit more and so on until we get about halfway through the edition, then the price really starts to go up.

The moral is simple. If you like a picture and want to add it to your collection or just hang it on your wall then buy it, and buy it early whilst the price is low. Limited edition print images will never appear in any of my other nude art prints ranges. Browse the Limited Edition Collection

If you don’t want to spend as much on a limited edition print then look at my Collectors Premium Art or Premium Photo Prints.

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Limited Edition

Limited to an edition of 20 these 13in X 9in prints on 16.5in x 11.7in paper (33cm x 23cm on 41cm x 30cm) are produced, checked signed and numbered by the photographer. Smaller or custom sizes are available – see below. 
The prints are made using archival quality inks on museum quality acid free photo rag paper and are designed to last. 
Please note: Images are not cropped so where format does not fit the above dimensions precisely the image is printed to maximum size within 13in x 9in. Prices increase as the edition sells so it pays to order early.

Premium Art Prints

Printed on a museum quality paper similar to the limited edition prints these 13in X 9in prints on 16.5in x 11.7in paper (33cm x 23cm on 41cm x 30cm) are produced to the same exacting standards on acid free paper as Limited Edition prints but not limited to twenty editions. They are produced, checked and signed by the photographer.  Alternative sizes are available but images cannot be cropped.

See the full Premium Art and Photo Print Collection

Premium Photo Prints.

Premium photo prints are just that, photo prints. They’ll look great hanging on your wall and last for ages if you look after them. The 13in X 9in  on 16.5in x 11.7in paper (33cm x 23cm on 41cm x 30cm) prints are produced and checked by the photographer using high quality, acid free photographic paper. These prints can be cropped to fit a specific format or printed to a specific size.

I have a frame or space that is a certain size. Can you print to a specific size? Yes. Even limited edition prints can be printed to a specific size. Please ask for a quote.

Why can I buy prints on Ebay or Etsy for ten or twenty pounds when yours cost several hundred?

See the Glamour and Erotica Collections with professional quality prints from £20

Standard prints can also be bought from Fine Art America

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