Twenty Nudes Number 7

Nude Portraits, Twenty Nudes

7. Chloe

Twenty nude portraits of women that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Many of the images have been pulled from my archives and have been re-edited. When I did several shoots with the subject they have been grouped into a set . A new post featuring a different sitter will appear each week.

Nude Art Photographs

Creative black and white nude
Black & white nude. Art print from digital original.
Creative nudes. Girl in shower

Chloe worked briefly as a fetish and glamour model. She also appeared in a lot of nude art photographs. These pictures show some of the themes we worked on.

They have been re-edited using a blend of black and white and colour layers in Photoshop and Paintshop pro that may be the subject of a future editing post.

Chloe features in my Personal Space and Art Nude catalogues

Girl stripping and putting clothes in washing machine
Wash Day

Glamour and Fetish catalogue

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