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Scrap yard glamour photo

Shooting nude glamour in a scrap yard. What could go wrong?

Well with a lot of careful planning, not a lot. Read the full story in Creating the Scrapyard Nudes Calendar. This page is devoted to some of the sillier aspects of the shoots but with some sensible tips thrown in.

Scrap yard nude glamour out takes

Just getting the girls into position amongst the jagged and oily metal was fun. Note that Meg on the left is wearing one trainer which will be hidden from the camera. At least she could hop up onto the grab. Telling the girls to bring sensible footwear to move about in was part of the pre shoot brief.

Talking of oil. Yes much better to clean it up than spend hours in Photoshop. A willing assistant and bags of cloths, baby wipes and in extreme cases gunk remover are essential.

Shooting nude glamour in a scrapyard. What could go wrong?

Yes , well, maybe not a good idea. It does look just a little bit, well; let’s try another location.

Of course when a lady takes her coat off a gentleman just has to take it for her .

How to shoot scrap yard nude glamour

It seems whenever a model takes her clothes off I climb a ladder.

So nice to be on the flat again in an easily accessible location

Scrap yard nudes

Ever had three naked women turn their back on you?

scrap yard nude glamour out takes

Not sure this is the usual crew of the fire engine.

See some of the finished images in The Scrap Yard Nudes Portfolio

After a hard days shooting it’s time to head home . . .

Err . . . girls, you do realise that holding a coat in front of you doesn’t actually hide a lot at the back?

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