Photographing Nudes – A Different Point of View

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Shadow on black and white nude

Millions of photos are taken from about five feet eight inches (1.75 m) above the ground because that’s the average persons eye line. Whether photographing fine art nudes, boudoir or glamour nudes it pays to look for a different point of view.

nudes a different point of view

Nudes a different point of view

In basic terms the point of view refers to the angle you capture your subject from but how the viewers sees a nude changes their perception of the subject.

When an object towers above us it appears larger. When that subject is a human figure we either imagine them as a huge King Kong like figure or ourselves as kneeling or laying. The subject appears dominant, maybe threatening.

creative fine art nudes a different point of view

Getting down low and looking up can bring a new perspective to images of the nude.

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The opposite applies when we look down on the subject. The viewer feels larger, superior.

scrap yard nude a different point of view

And then of course there is the reverse – getting up high and looking down

But don’t stop there. Walk around your subject. Look for different angles

boudoir nude a different point of view

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Boudoir potrait

Even in boudoir photography the different point of view posing your subject lying and then looking up at the camera straightens the lines of the neck and creates a flattering effect. More on Boudoir

nudes a different point of view

Look for light and shadows and if they are not there you can always create your own

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