Nude Portraits Vol 2

Nude Portraits, Portfolios
Black and white portraits nude women

Nude (or naked) black and white portraits of confident women, exposed to the eye of the camera. Read the definition of nude or naked in Portfolio

There is a lot written in the media about body image; from those exposing the secret of how to get a perfect one to those celebrating selfies of mature women in bikinis.
To stand naked in front of a camera takes guts – it opens up the sitter to flattery or, from the more stupid in society ridicule. In Vol 1 I used the word sexy – is this right? Or is that irrelevant – just a male point of view?

Nude portraits from the archives. some captured on film in the 1980s, others from the nineties to the present day.
These photographs are just that – photographs. They are designed to be viewed and provoke a reaction in the viewer – beyond that they have no function.

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