Nude or Naked Portraits?

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These pictures are created with the help of many talented women. The finished images are a result of a collaboration between the photographer and subject rather than an imposition of a style on them. Some of the subjects are models but here you are projecting elements of their character and personality; they are part of the creative process and not merely a blank canvas on which to project my viewpoint.

Some appear in naked portraits; the art historian *Kenneth Clark defines a naked human body as exposed and vulnerable as opposed to nude which carries no uncomfortable overtone. In one sense the women in these photographs are nude as they project an image of balance and confidence. In another they are naked but they are not vulnerable or embarrassed*, they are confident in their nakedness.


Nude (or Naked?) Portraits Folio One

Nude portraits Folio 2

A Quick Guide to Shooting Studio Nudes

*Kenneth Clarke The Nude: A Study of Ideal Art Penguin Books, Limited, 1985

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