Silvermoon Book Covers – Amber

A Gentleman’s Property

Angela (modelling name Amber) appeared on many erotic fiction book covers including A Gentleman’s Property and Pit of Pain published by Silvermoon Books

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Alternative Boudoir Twenty Nude Portraits

1. Angela

Alternative Boudoir.

The idea behind this series is to produce twenty nude portraits of women that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Many of the images are drawn from my archives and been re-edited and grouped into a set that represents different aspects of the subject. A new post featuring a different sitter will appear each week.

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Personal Space

Black and white nude in her living room
Nudes in their personal space

Personal space nudes is a collection of portraits of women depicted in their environment. They are surrounded by treasured possessions and sometimes the detritus of real life. Stripping away clothing means the viewer only has the surroundings from which to glean information about the subject.

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