Longing For a Full Colour Life

Illustrated Erotic Poetry
Longing For a Full Colour Life
She stands alone before sink and bowl
And feel the ache within her soul
The hand that once caressed her there
Now rest on arm of favourite chair

She does not mind her lovers belly
Or hours of footie watched on telly
The years have passed in shades of grey
Oh if only life had been that way

Now with hands in rubber gloves
Plunged in a bowl of Fairy's suds
She thinks about a bit of heaven
with Mr Jones at fifty seven

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The Nude Piano Teacher

Illustrated Erotic Poetry, Portfolios
Poem Illustration The Nude Piano Teacher

                          I will teach you songs
                          on ivory keys
                          as you write your music
                          in scarlet staves
                          across my skin

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