Victorian Style Portraits & Nudes

I have always been a fan of the Victorian and Edwardian style of portraits and nudes. Apart from the techniques and the almost exclusive use of daylight illumination they seem to have a cheekiness and risqué feeling .

Digital Painting Nudes

Digital painting nudes from photographs using Corel Photo Painter 5 Still playing with digital painting nudes using Painter Essentials 5 and getting a little nearer the results I want. I’m using the auto painter in oil painting and pastel modes and them tweaking the results … Continue readingDigital Painting Nudes

Photo Painting

More on Boudoir Photography I’ve been experimenting with (Ok mucking about with) photo painting using  Corel Painter to convert a photo into a painting. This is one of the first results. There’s a link to a YouTube video by Thomas Churchwell that shows you how … Continue readingPhoto Painting