Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir Portraits. Norfolk, Suffolk Cambridgeshire

Create something you would like to hang on your wall or a collection of pictures to hide away in a private album for you, and your loved ones eyes only.

Despite the boudoir tag your portraits can be as simple or as sensual as you choose. The key to producing an image you will love is choice.

I specialise in Fine Art Boudoir

If you are looking for a bit more racy try Fetish Boudoir

What Makes a Good Portrait? The Alternatives

A good portrait is more than a record of a persons face; it tells the viewer something about that person. That something can be an illusion or, alternatively, you can choose to display your inner self. You can opt for something challenging to the viewer or deeply erotic.

Portrait painters and photographers often show the subject in their surroundings or introduce props such as treasured possessions or even work tools into the picture to create a unique image.

The Cost

You are not limited to one style with in a shoot. try out different ideas and choose you favourites. See More Images

All my work is now produced in the client’s home or occasionally on location. This means you can incorporate you surroundings or possessions into the shoot and you are more relaxed. I have photographed women in their 70s (I’m too polite to ask their exact age), wheelchair users and people who mainstream media don’t see as glamorous.

Contact me to discuss your ideas

Work by modern portrait painters

The photographs on these pages have been shot specially to illustrate the themes. Clients work is never shown to the public.

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