Beyond Glamour Photography

Thinking About Nude Photography
nude woman portrait with cat

Between glamour and the more formal naked figure lies a wide expanse of the erotic, the documentary and the personal. Personality, whether it is the model’s genuine personality or make believe conjured from the photographer’s and model’s creative collaboration is largely created in the viewers mind by setting, clothes and props. In creating images of the erotic photographers tend to swing between hard and soft styles. Whether poised and flawless in a hard-edged setting or soft an innocent lying in a meadow both create an inhuman woman. A creation in which the photographer, model and viewer are all compliant.

That is not to say that these images are not valid. The hard lines of modern architecture, scrap yards or decaying buildings can contrast with and emphasise the sensual lines of the human body. Hidden meanings and subtexts can lie within the images. Even if it is only the disdainful self-mocking of the modern world.

The model needs to project her real or imaginary personality, to be able to adopt poses beyond the stereotyped repertoire of standard glamour and become an object of fascination to the viewer.

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