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I think I’ve been doing this too long – in the 1980s everyone looked like 118 ad

For the last 20 years I have worked as a freelance photographer and my work has been seen on over a hundred book covers, in numerous magazines and continues to sell as stock photography  via Alamy  and Arcangel. I have also been runner up in the Sunday Telegraph Photographer of the Year competition, winner of the Photography magazine cover girl competition (that’s my photograph – not me personally) and  been featured in many photo anthologies.

My photographs  continue to sell as stock photography  via the Alamy  and Arcangel picture libraries.

Despite the jokes growing up in Norfolk was a pleasant experience but I did have the advantages of not being born in the county and leaving as soon as I thought I had achieved adulthood to study photography at the West Surrey College of Art and Design. I have worked in the photographic industry for nearly 40 years beginning my career as holiday camp photographer and then returning to Norwich to work  a hand colour printer in the days when making prints involved darkrooms and smelly, noxious, chemicals. Eventually I was allowed out into the light and trained in wedding  and portrait photography even though a lot of my first clients were dogs (I don’t mean ugly – although some were – I mean four legged pets with a tendency to bark and pee up the background). Having served my apprenticeship I ran several portrait and commercial studios.

What is real and what is fake? Are models just seen as shop dummies? Black and white nude from film original

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